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"The Long, Hot Summer" out 21st May 2015 in UK & Ireland

"This is How it Ends" out now in paperback

About "The Long, Hot Summer"

The MacEntees are no ordinary family. 

Determined to be different to other people, they have carved out a place for themselves in Irish life by the sheer force of their own personalities. But when a horrifying act of violence befalls TV star Alma, a chain of events is set in motion that will leave even the MacEntees struggling to make sense of who they are.

As media storms rage about them and secrets rise to the surface, Deirdre the flamboyant matriarch is planning a birthday party for herself, and with it one final, shocking surprise.


This is How it Ends: 'Every year, there's one book that causes a real stir - and MacMahon's debut is 2012's book ... it has "future classic" written all over it'

This is How it Ends: 'Tipped as the publishing debut of the year ... The force of it takes you by stealth until you realise, as you read the final chapters, you're swallowing furiously, to keep down the lump in your throat.'

This is How it Ends: Mac Mahon has " extraordinary gift and a voice that is entirely her own."
Edel Coffey, Irish Independent

This is How it Ends: "...she achieves something close to perfection."
Lorraine Courtney, Sunday Independent

I was moved by This Is How It Ends, a tender -
but never sentimental - story of unlikely love. 
Catherine O'Flynn

This is How it Ends: "....Mac Mahon quickly reaches the unadorned essence of her characters."

Paddy Kehoe, RTE Guide

This is How it Ends: 'MacMahon's prose fizzes from page one ... She has perfect control of tone and a gift for piercing metaphor. I predict a glittering future. 
The Express 

This is How it Ends: "Is MacMahon the new Donoghue, capable of winning plaudits from critics and sales from readers eager to see their own lives reflected in fiction? Id have to say yes"
Nadine O'Regan, Sunday Business Post 

This is How it Ends: "when you have long forgotten other fictional lovers, there is something about Addie and Bruno, their past and their world, that will not go away." 
Maeve Binchy, author in Irish Times Review

This is How It Ends - I defy anyone to read this glorious novel without yearning to be part of it. 
Australian Coast to Coast Country Style

The Long, Hot Summer: is "... a lovely piece of writing... it held me from beginning to end."
Gay Byrne, Lyric FM

The Long Hot Summer